SITTING FIT is a fun, lively and multifaceted workout, created for seniors of all ages who are unable to stand and exercise. Using soft balls, bands and weights the workouts gradually increase in difficulty to improve fitness in all areas. Co-ordination is challenged by fun arm/leg/head games which also increases brain function. Clients regain standing abilities, improve balance and joint flexibility, improving physical functions for daily life.

–   Liberate lungs and ribs to free breathing.
–   Strengthen core to support lower back  and spine.
–   Increase joint flexibility in shoulders and hips.
–   Tone leg muscles to improve knee and ankle function.
–  Restore skeletal alignment to increase mobility and decrease effort.
–   Improve balance and reduce falls.

Fiona teaches Sitting Fit at The Wagman Centre, Baycrest, at senior condos and privately. All equipment is provided.

Please contact Fiona at for workshop schedules or to make an appointment