• Fiona Griffiths, RN, BFA, MFA, MA

    Teacher/Coach: acting, dance, clown.
    Mover, Actor, Choreographer/Creator,
    Nurse consultant, Craniosacral Therapist, fitness leader/personal trainer and creator of Sitting Fit.
    To contact Fiona: filogriff@yahoo.ca.

  • Testimonials

    "The work Fiona is currently exploring is not only fundamental to any theatrical process but, simply, her work is valuable for anyone attempting to live simply, honestly, and excitedly. It is my strong feeling that theatre in Toronto is beginning to explore itself with incredible excitement and Fiona and her work are a crucial part of this exploration."
    Darren O'Donnell. actor, director
    "Fiona has a rare and exceptional talent for revealing a performer's physical possibilities. Her work encourages and enables a performer to continually surprise her/himself even while confronting apparently insurmountable blocks." Karen Hines. actor, writer, director

  • Recent Lectures & Appearances

    PROCESS Lecture/demonstration on
    SourceWork for Intergalactic Theatre.
    Performed in Orchestra , a performance action by P.Couillard and Ed Johnston
    Directed the Spinster Seminars for the Fringe and coached 2 other shows.
    University of Toronto
    Lecture / Demonstration: "The Acting Brain"
    Toronto Festival of Clowns: Featured Speaker

  • Workshops: for more information see Workshop pages

    1. Monday Kinetics: This Monday evening series is ongoing and features 6 classes of release work in each session. The first 2 classes of each session will focus on the details of this fabulous ball technique. We will play with weight and tension, explore alignment and revel in sensory moving. The joy of myo-fascial release is that no matter where you work the end result is a change in the fascial structure as a whole. So let's explore: How you stand? Where are the tensions that hold you in misalignment? How does your head balance on your neck? How do those luscious spinal curves support the torso and legs?
    Mondays, 6:30-8:30pm, Toronto Dance Theatre Studios,

    All clowns need access to the sensory, feeling and intuitive bodies to augment interpretation, amplify authenticity, increase performance range and nurture artistic growth. This course will consist of a fun and eclectic mix of techniques to deepen the commitment to the clown and source new material for turns. The Clown Farm, Manitoulin Island.

    For all courses Register: filogriff@yahoo.ca. All workshops are open to people who are active in all aspects of body performance or just enjoy being in their body.