Our body is our self. It is our only perceptible reality. It is not opposed to our intelligence, to our feelings, to our soul. It includes them and shelters them.”
– Therese Bertherat

This gentle yet profound technique, developed by Elaine Summers, offers holistic movement education, experiential anatomy, and increased technical and expressive range. Lying on various sized air-filled balls, quieting the mind and relaxing soft tissues, releases the weight of the body onto the balls  focusing attention and massaging muscles.  Now you can enter the body and experience the sensations and feelings contained within. Then slowly exploring moving the body part from the ball, enables the discovery of all the ways that body part moves with as little tension as possible. Slow movements  releases joints and allows the body and mind to commune and discover the fabulous world of the organism ‘you’. Easily learned, Kinetics becomes an essential tool in educating, restoring and rejuvenating the performing artists body/mind.