“The awakened body takes initiatives, is no longer content to receive or to’ put up with’. When we live in our body, we give body to our life.”
– Therese Bertherat

With a free and flowing body, explore impulses in terms of preparation, expression and reflection. Through rivers (structured improvisations), impulses are worked up into images. These images are then projected into the space becoming a world that the performer enters and responds to. This highly structured and detailed work investigates impulse to action through resistance and commitment. The 28 training rivers encompass all the situations that a performer might face.

“The result is freedom from the time lapse between inner impulse and outer action…[the training is] not a collection of skills, but an eradication of blocks.”
– Jerzy Grotowski

With expressive skills, begin to transform the images into repeatable scenes exploring character and narrative. What are your sources? How can you move from one to another? Enter the source room, a space divided physically into areas representing various aspects of an action. Some of these areas are: resist/commit, ally/enemy, character, emotions, composition and text. As you improvise, you move from area to area, following your impulses. Source work enables all levels of performers to study their work and to develop performer and self-scripting skills.

“A professional is being able to do it twice.”
– Dizzy Gillespie