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Kinetic Awareness, developed by Elaine Summers of Judson Church Dance Theatre, offers movement education, experiential anatomy, skeletal re-alignment, injury and chronic pain relief and major stress reduction. It is an essential tool in connecting with the somato-sensory system and in rejuvenating the body/mind. Kinetics is a sensory experience of weight and tension developed through personal observation of proprioceptive and kinaesthetic processes.  Practitioners lie on various sized air-filled balls, massaging soft tissue and exploring anatomy with slow, gentle movements. This work quiets the mind as it relaxes muscles, releases joints and allows the unwinding of the fascial highway. Kinetics is essential personal movement exploration for professional theatre performers and a joyful corporeal reconnection for everyone. 

Body Wilderness
All clowns need access to the sensory, feeling and intuitive bodies to augment interpretation, amplify authenticity, increase performance range and nurture artistic growth. This course will consist of a fun and eclectic mix of techniques to deepen the commitment to the clown and source new material for turns.

“ By becoming aware of our body we give ourselves access to our entire being – of body and spirit, mental and physical and ever strength and weakness, representing not our duality but our unity.”
– Therese Bertherat

SourceWork: Viewpoints; our moving selves
In all the body disciplines ‘call and response’ is an essential element of the performative experience. There is an inner and personal kinaesthetic impulse that feeds the outer expressive response. That response encompasses space, shape, and time; covering all aspects of the performing experience. The workshop will be divided into 2 sections: one the internal, personal response to our impulses (solo work) and the second will be responding to the outer world of each other and the space (influenced).

The first part features a somatic practice preparing bodies for movement; using Kinetics, MELT, Feldenkrais, Body Mind Centreing, etc. We then enter the world of personal movement exploration through Authentic Movement, rivers and Mary Overlie’s SSTEMS (space, shape, time, emotion, story). The second half of the course features the 9 Viewpoints by Anne Bogart; and plays with various ways to respond to the influence of each other and the space through locomotion, shape, text or song. This enables scenes and stories to be created spontaneously, folding in and out of the work.

“….the lesson is how to make it live, how to make it breathe…The viewpoints training asks us to stay awake inside of a structure”
D. Mather