Fitness and Massage

“…body awareness is preliminary work. As a painter prepares his canvas, a potter his clay, we must prepare our body before using it, before expecting satisfactory results from it. It is the state of the body a priori that determines the richness of lived experience. The awakened body takes initiatives, is no longer content to receive or to put up with. When we live in our body, we give body to our life.”

Therese Bertherat, The Body Has Its Reasons

Fitness and wellness take many forms from pumping iron to aerobic activity, stretching as well as relaxation, bodywork and meditation. I teach all aspects of fitness and specialize in seniors and geriatrics. My practice is based on 30 years of experience, study and research in many fitness areas from weight lifting and aerobics to movement awareness and alignment.   I have worked with athletes, theatre artists, chronically injured persons and people in all walks of life. My present practice encompasses workout programs for gyms or homes and includes those who need to increase their strength and flexibility, improve walking abilities, prevent falls, recover from injury or surgery or manage stress or reduce the effects of dementia.

” Life begins outside your comfort zone.” Neale Donald Walsch

Yoga, Craniosacral and Alignment Therapy

Find the pulses of breath, fluids and organs; sense their flow through the soft tissues. Feel the power of bones and how muscles support and move the skeleton through space. Develop strength, flexibility, conditioning and body awareness as you explore impulses to move. Discover the freedom contained in joints and follow the body as it gathers, falls and rebounds through locomotion, shape, space and time.

This is private body work using a variety of techniques to explore personal issues that interfere with being all that we can be, in work, play and relationships.

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