Soma Laboratoire


with Fiona Griffiths

at the Manitoulin Conservatory, Manitoulin Island, Ontario

July 25 – 28, 2013 (travel days July 24 & 29)

All clowns need access to the sensory, feeling and intuitive bodies to augment interpretation, amplify authenticity, increase performance range and nurture artistic growth. This course will consist of a fun and eclectic mix of techniques to deepen the commitment to the clown and source new material for turns. As you explore your body, mind and emotions as instruments of expressive skills (peeling away layers of physical and emotional tension); the body relaxes, listening improves, and personal ways of moving are revealed. Intuitive responses to impulses can then be explored and embodied, leading to a greater sense of the self in motion. We can then take the self into the clown and with greater freedom discover the clown’s hearts desire, wisdom and vision.  Work will entail a body paper (prepared before the course starts), clustering, painting, ball work, authentic movement, emotional wheels, creature experiences and a source room (a place where all aspects of your clown can be experienced). Prepare to be intimidated, thrilled, moved, enlightened, inspired and surprised by the riches you can bring to your clown.

Camping is provided on site along with BBQ’s, sun showers, coolers, toilets and 90 acres of nature. Cottages are nearby for a reasonable sum. Pickups provided from Sudbury and the Ferry terminal and carpooling is encouraged.

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$350 + $45 HST = $395.00

Deposit $75.00 by June 24 (non-refundable after July 15)


Ongoing classes in movement and body/mind research

1) Movement and Improvisation

2) SourceWork

Dates and times to be announced

“The awakened body takes initiatives, is no longer content to receive or to’ put up with’.

When we live in our body, we give body to our life.” Therese Bertherat

The basic principles of these 2 workshops includes knowing what you are doing, working deeper into your physical instrument and developing improvisational skills in solo and group situations. Learn to sense and feel all those interconnected parts and discover your body and mind as an instrument of expressive skills. Physical training requires ongoing work to maintain the flexible, strong and supportive vessel that contains your stories, rich with emotion, action and narrative. This work is open to all who are interested in a richer life and performance experience and have a basic level of physical skills.

Workshop 1) Movement Awareness: Explore your moving body as a tapestry of interconnected muscles, bones, joints and nerves. Improve flexibility, strength and endurance through physical games, dynamic movement and luxurious stretching. Reduce muscular tension and relieve stress as you improve presence, concentration, focus and ease of movement. Learn to use all of your physical self in the expression of your life both theatrical and quotiditien.

Improvisations: Develop concrete improv skills as you take your awakened body through an exploration of locomotion, shape, space, time and architecture. In this part of the class we will explore 2 fantastic improv structures: SYSTEMS and Viewpoints. These successful and fun modes of creative and interactive movement games will enliven your creative and imaginative juices. For more info on these techniques, refer to:

Workshop 2) SourceWork Weekend: This series is an exploration of  body theatre and will enable the performer to train up aspects of their craft to elicit image, action and narrative. Warm ups will feature body literacy work exploring presence and action from impulse and the afternoons will feature experiences to enable the performer to mine their own body for sources of creation and imagination. We will investigate guidelines to evaluate work and explore the performative elements of Present yourself, Take me into your world and Leave me with a new awareness. Possible curriculum can include Four Basic Bodies (open, bound, grotesque and beautiful), emotional wheels and body part & creature Rivers. Fiona will adjust the curriculum to meet the needs of the group. This work is open to people who are active in all aspects of performance: acting, dance, clown and bouffon and have a basic level of  physical skills.

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